Lodgesons, Technical Support Is Key to Our Success

Photo: Hand at steering wheel 

Andrew Law started Lodgesons Ltd in 1993 after making a steering control for a relative. Almost 20 years later, Lodgesons are the leading supplier in the UK Market with over 89% of UK Motability Sales plus they have a significant and growing presence in Europe and the rest of the world.

The key to this success is down to Andrew’s primary belief that a company not only has to provide great quality products, but in addition has to offer first class technical support to its trade customers.

"This is a very technically complex area to work in, and it is vital to be able to support your trade customers directly. With electronic technology within cars becoming increasingly complex and ever changing with every new car model released, it is imperative to be able to provide immediate technical help and advice at all times. In the adaptations industry, it is just not acceptable for the end customers to be without their cars for long periods which can often happen when installers have to wait days on end to get a response back from a manufacturer," Andrew said.

Lodgesons is currently working on a variety of new products. The brand new R200 system was released early this year, and adds both improved technical innovation and functionality to the previous R100 model. A brand new CANbus solution will increase the ease of fitting the R200 systems to many new car models.

“We currently have a CANbus solution available for many car models, but we felt that we could improve it further, and made the decision to redesign our current system completely. By the end of the year, we believe we will have the most superior and easy to fit system available in the world,” Andrew said.

He continues, “As the market leader, installers often come to us with the most complex cars, for which systems are unavailable from other manufacturers. We are the only company currently able to modify these systems by hand, but this will soon be a thing of the past with the release of our new “easy fit” R200 CANbus technology, which will offer solutions for the majority of car models unavailable elsewhere”.

And so what’s next? “It’s been a challenging time for us over the last few years as we have had to manage increasingly growing sales, which is great, but add to that a significant development cycle, well, let’s just say it’s been a very busy time. We will very shortly complete the current development cycle, and have plans for some great new product releases which we will announce in the next 6-12 months, so just watch this space!” Andrew said.

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