New Swimming Classification Programme Launched

Photo: Swimmer 

International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Swimming and its education partner, the IPC Academy launched an online programme designed to be the first step on a pathway for anyone considering becoming a Classifier in the sport.

The course, which is a 20 to 25 hour online learning programme, aims to provide a point of entry to those looking to get involved in classification of IPC Swimming athletes. It ensures those who complete the programme have a greater knowledge, skill-set and competence of what is expected as a Classifier.

Developed in an easy to follow learning format, the programme includes the most up-to-date description of the classification rules and uses specially compiled footage to demonstrate and highlight learning outcomes. The programme also has updated imagery, interactive quizzes, animations and many other features.

In addition, the IPC Academy is developing a complete series of programmes to complete the pathway through competency assessed initiatives which will be delivered by experienced and certified educators. This programme is the second online learning programme to be launched in recent months following October's launch of the Athletics Technical Officials programme.

Chris Solly, Director of the IPC Academy, said: "It is a very important area for both sport performance and development to ensure that athletes are provided the best classification opportunities. With this programme now launched along with the Athletics Technical Officials programme we are quickly achieving the desire to provide the tools and resources required for the IPC sports to further develop in the coming years."; Source: International Paralympic Committee (IPC)

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