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PICTOR - Wrist Joint Rehabilitation Device

PICTOR allows to achieve the complex rehabilitation of the wrist joint based on active and passive exercises needed to rebuild the functions of the anatomic movements of the wrist. The complete data of the rehabilitation are being registered by the monitoring system. PICTOR is also equipped with the biofeedback, making the rehabilitation process more effec-tive and pleasant for the patient.

Wrist injuries together with the crurotalar joint injuries are the most popular disorders in the human’s locomotor system. The vulnerability to injuries is caused by the complex structure of these joints and tendencies to overloading during everyday life activities.

Twists and strains of various kind refer to the whole population, from the children to elderly people. The children are liable to injuries during playtime and the mature people may suffer problems caused by decalcification of the bones and decrease of the synovial fluid. Pain and stiffing of the limb threats especially office workers who spend much time writing on the keyboard but physical workers also together with sportsmen like tennis players.

PICTOR provides:
• Active and passive rehabilitation
• Mapping the natural anatomic axles in the device
• Possibility to adapt the device to the different stages of the injury
• Usage of biofeedback
• Compact structucture