Quingo Get a New Guinness World Record

248km in 24 hours


The first ever 24 Hour Mobility Scooter Endurance Challenge took place on the tarmac cycle track at Fowlmead Country Park near Deal in Kent UK and a brand new Guinness World Record was set! The Red Wheelies and Quingo Mobility Scooters have set a new world record for the longest distance travelled on a mobility scooter within a 24 hour period – covering a massive 154 miles (248km).

The previous world record was held by Haidar Talib from the United Arab Emirates, who travelled 88 miles (142km) from Masdar City to Sharjah Al Thiqa Club on November 11 last year.

This challenge was undertaken by The Red Wheelies Mobility Scooter Formation Display Team on a 20 strong fleet of 5 wheel Quingo’s, with Pit Lane Support being provided by Quingo’s specialist team of engineers and mechanics. All the Red Wheelies team members have Multiple Sclerosis and drove through most of the night but the 24 Hour Challenge was just another day for them.

Jackie Weeden, Red Wheelies leader, takes up the story: “We are utterly exhausted but totally ecstatic! Our aim was to have fun and raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis in a more positive light and we hope we’ve done that.

By completing the Challenge successfully we have shown that if you are diagnosed with the condition you don’t have to stop living a full life. In fact, you can do things other people can’t!”

Quingo’s Mark Nicholls says the company was delighted to support The Red Wheelies, all money raised will go to new facilities at the Kent MS Therapy Centre in Canterbury where all the team are members.

“This really was the biggest challenge that The Red Wheelies have undertaken and while there were plenty of thrills there were no spills, thanks to Quingo’s 5 wheel agility, stability.”

Jackie Weeden from The Red Wheelies again: “While our legs may have let us down, the scooters give us back our independence. Our philosophy is that we might have to accept the odd limitation but we certainly aren’t going to give up.

Wheelies feel that with a positive attitude and a sense of humour we can achieve what might appear to be impossible. After all, not everyone can say they are a world record holder, can they?”

The Duchess of Cornwall who became an honorary member last year has been informed.

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