ReWalk - Exoskeleton Technology for Paraplegic Users

Paraplegic Walking with ReWalk 

19. August 2011
YOKNEAM ILLIT, ISRAEL – ARGO Medical Technologies, Ltd., a pioneer in development of exoskeleton walking restore systems, announced today that its ReWalkTM system are now available with selected customers in Europe and USA.

After successfully conducting clinical trials and after receiving CE Mark approval and FDA listing, to market its ReWalkTM system in Europe and USA, ARGO Medical Technologies, Ltd has now delivered and certified their first medical institutions in Europe and USA.

It is truly a great step forward to begin to install our ReWalkTM-I technology with our dedicated customers. With ReWalkTM-I many patients of these institutions are now able to experience standing and walking and enjoy a regained level of mobility, says Dr. Amit Goffer, CEO and founder of ARGO.
Since starting the development of the ReWalkTM we have received very big number of enquiries from institutions from all over the world, interested in this unique and life changing technology.
With the deliveries of ReWalkTM-I to these institutions we can now enable care givers to get their patients out of the wheelchair, on their feet and walking.

ARGO Medical Technologies Ltd. has started serial production and commercialization of ReWalkTM-I, the institutional version of the ReWalk, in Q1/2011.
ReWalkTM-I is suitable to patients with a body height between ca. 1.60m and ca. 1.90m and a body weight of max. 100Kg, and is designed for multi-patient use.

ReWalkTM will be presented during REHACARE, September 21 – 24, 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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