Reducing Back Pain by an Innovative Balance Chair

Sitting for a long period, a lack of movement and stress result in back pain and tension. Very often people are underexercised. With the help of the balance chair "Balimo" the workaday life gets more active and dynamically just by mobile sitting.

Active sitting with a free moving joint in the seat plate

The balance chair „Balimo“ makes it possible to sit dynamically by a patent-registered ball joint in the seat plate. So the pelvis can move three-dimensionally without expenditure of energy. Additionally there is an intentional absence of arm and back rests. Therefore the resulting free mobility challenges our balance and demands a poise from our side. This natural dynamic improves the interaction of the complete back musculature, you straighten up and malpositions and back problems will be reduced in an easy way.
The innovative chair is advisable not only for the office. Balimo is a helpful companion as an exercise equipment and everywhere, you have to sit for longer periods. Rotary moves with the pelvis as well as tilting in all directions are only a few exercises, which create a more active workaday life.

Balance and mobility against back pain

A mobile pelvis is important for our balance. It connects the legs with the upper part of the body und transfers the weight of the upper part of the body on these supports. If the pelvis is limited in its mobility, our upper part of the body gets out of balance. The resulting stresses and strains and malpositions cause pain and tensions, especially in the back area. By natural pelvis movements „Balimo“ supports formfitting and balanced courses of movement. The spine will get mobilized and the musculature will work more equably. One-sided stresses and strains will disappear and our body gets in balance.

The „Balimo" is available in wooden style or metal style in different colours. The prices, referring to the style, are about EUR 300,00. More information as well as the order address you will receive under phone +49 2104-505 4747 or at the homepage

Prevention by mobility at place of work

Referring to the „Barmer Health Report 2010“, almost every fourth day absent of German employees is a result of back pain. The reason for this high quota also is that each back illness causes an absence of approximately 21,9 days. Back pain causes enormous economic costs with an annual gross value added loss of 15,5 milliards Euro. Cost savings in this area can be achieved by preventive measures like the use of a new generation of mobility chairs.