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Reha Technology AG Expands into the Latin American Market with G-EO System Sales in Mexico

After successfully completing a trial in one of the Teletón Children’s Rehabilitation Centers in Mexico City, Teletón decided to purchase the first G-EO System Evolution for one of their hospitals, in order to be able to provide their patients with the most advanced technology in the rehabilitation of neurologic disorders. Reha Technology is proud to announce the successful expansion into the Latin American market.

About Teletón
The Teletón in Mexico is an annual 24-plus-hour TV and radio broadcast, started in 1996, to raise money for children's rehabilitation centers (known as Centro de Rehabilitación Infantil Teletón or CRIT – "Teletón Children's Rehabilitation Center" in English) for disabled children. The Teletón’s mission is "to provide knowledge about physical disabilities, giving a strong message about respect, equality and support to people in these conditions". Teletón Foundation is expanding quickly with a goal to opening rehabilitation centers in each of the 32 states of Mexico.

Excellent therapy success with the G-EO System
Parents witnessing the trial confirmed that their children made significant progress during and after the therapy sessions; children could climb the stairs for the first time in their life, stand more upright and were able to walk for a longer period of time without getting tired as fast as before. Step length and cadence had increased significantly and the gait pattern in general had improved dramatically. This overwhelming success during the trial combined with the positive feedback from both doctors and physiotherapists led to Teletón’s decision to purchase the first G-EO System Evolution for one of the Teletón hospitals in Mexico.

Mr. René Trost, CEO of Reha Technology AG, comments: "We are proud to reach another milestone in the global expansion of our company. The trial at Teletón showed that our G-EO System significantly increases the therapy success and most importantly, improves the quality of life of the patient."

The G-EO System™
Reha Technology’s G-EO System revolutionizes gait rehabilitation and improves outcomes for the patient, clinician, and the hospital with its unique feature of realistically simulating stair climbing and floor walking, as well as the ability to customize therapy for each patient. It is the world's most advanced system for gait rehabilitation and provides the most comprehensive range of options for gait training. Developed with the purpose to help stroke survivors regain their ability to walk and their independence in daily living, the G-EO System has proven to get excellent results in multiple applications such as Infantile Cerebral Palsy ICP, Spinal Cord Injuries SCI, Traumatic Brain Injuries TBI, Parkinson’s, amputees, orthopedic and traumatic cases.

About Reha Technology AG
Reha Technology AG is a Swiss company that designs, manufactures and globally distributes robotic-assisted devices for the rehabilitation of neurological movement disorders to improve the quality of life for all those who have been injured or disabled by illness or accident. FOR A BETTER LIFE.