Successfully working in the intensive care and respiratory care


FUK24 service is in ambulatory acute care environment. Emerging from the family association, founded in 1966 and provides nursing Bochum eV, for over ten years FUK24 to non-clinical respiratory and critical care in the home environment.

North Rhine-Westphalia in FUK24 very active for the patient

The Department of Respiratory and Critical Care began in 2000, offer of the branch in Bochum-Wattenscheid from non-clinical respiratory and critical care. In 2009 the department was the opening of the branch of the Rhine-Main - extended - FUK24. Since then FUK24 in Bochum and all of North Rhine-Westphalia and from Mainz to within about 120 km in the Rhine-Main area operates.

In October 2010, F.U.K. 24 according to DIN ISO 9001:2008 certified.
About 300 people are daily in use for the benefit of customers ventilated.

Nationwide network of licensing partners nationwide

Since May 2011 FUK24 expanding nationwide on an extensive network of licensing partners for highly professional non-clinical and respiratory intensive care. In the defined urban areas, only one license companies operating in its exclusive and protected area. Through an intensive preparation in all areas, a license partner very quickly start the business. The system ensures FUK24 that can take care of each licensee at the most important: his business.

Work closely with the central system generates progress

With the completion of the licensing agreement F.U.K. 24 of the licensee received for the term of the license agreement is a protected, exclusive territory. After an intensive preparation can begin immediately with the construction of this business, "domestic and respiratory intensive care." The head office support in all areas. The following services can take the licensee to complete:

1. Use of the registered trademark F.U.K.
24 for the contract area
2. To start technical training and after
following further training 3. Professional Quality Manual
4. Complete Marketing Package
5. Possibility of integration in the framework
master agreements with payers
6. Ongoing support
the system center
7. The trade magazine "AirMediPlus"
8. 800 phone number
9. Support for the acquisition of staff

Requirements for Licensees

In order to permanently ensure the high quality of FUK24 and in all areas must meet a potential license some operating conditions, for example:
• At least 10 years of success in
Its market
• At least 80 patients permanently
look after
• It is more than one PDL is available
If you are interested in partnering with FUK24, please contact us. On our website: for more information.

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