Trekinetic All Terrain Limited

Trekinetic All terrain Limited 6C53

The revolutionary, multi award winning, carbon fibre, Trekinetic GTE, has been designed to be the worlds lightest, most practical, most elegant power chair, with a 'go virtually anywhere' ability.

World-Wide demand for this chair means there is already a customer waiting list stretching well into 2013.

As well as the iconic K-2, Trekinetic will have on a rotating turntable, the special all white version of the GTE, which is the actual model that carried the official Olympic Torch for the 2012 Olympic Games.

This is the very first time the GTE and in particular the Olympic GTE has been shown outside the UK.

Trekinetic will have several GTE's for visitors to experience. Trekinetic will also offer a strictly limited number of build slots especially for Rehacare visitors. This means that orders placed at the show will be prioritised for 2012 delivery.