Photo gallery: Highlights of REHACARE 2018 - Day 4

Photo: Ta-Da Chair; Copyright: beta-web/Heiduk
Set at the touch of a button: The Ta-Da Chair "A Seat Stick" is not just an ordinary walking stick. Pressing the existing button together with two fingers opens a seat. Seen at the booth of Step2Gold (Hall 5 / F 36).
Photo: light motorizations from Benoit Systems; Copyright: beta-web/Heiduk
Would you like a third wheel? Produced in France, now at REHACARE: The light motorizations from Benoit Systems. The great thing is that they are suitable for most foldable and flexible chassis and manual wheelchairs, can be adapted to various disabilities and also roll quietly. Seen in hall 6/A30.
Photo: Person with candy in the trade fair halls; Copyright: beta-web/Laska
Trick or treat? This gentleman was spotted at REHACARE trade fair. So who needs something to nibble on in between, he has plenty and likes to share!
Photo: suitable bicycle trailer; Copyright: beta-web/Laska
Even if the winter is coming soon, the next bicycle season is sure to come. If you are looking for a suitable bicycle trailer, you should visit John GmbH (Hall 5 /J12). We especially like this one here in REHACARE green.
Photo: hanging chairs; Copyright: beta-web/Laska
Would you like to take a break from your tour of the trade fair? We would also like to lie down in the hanging chairs of Mira Art GmbH Traumschwinger (Hall 3/G39). At least they look very comfortable!
Photo: Driving System; Copyright: beta-web/Heiduk
Whether it's braking, accelerating or honking: HandyTech's lever is attached to the side of the car seat and helps to do this. The only drawback: The driving system comes from Italy and is not yet sold in Germany. If you still want to test it, you can do so in Hall 6/D52.
Photo: Suprema; Copyright: beta-web/Heiduk
More independence in everyday life? This is what the Suprema from T.G.R. GmbH offers. The height of the seat is so variable that objects can be lifted from the floor or books can be taken from a high shelf - without standing up, bending over or stretching. If you want to try it out yourself: hall 5/H19.
Photo: seating system; Copyright: beta-web/Heiduk
The seating system Atom from Jenx (Hall 5 / 28 IV) was developed for young children between six months and five years and offers many functions: The seat reduces fatigue, promotes bone development and muscle building and makes breathing easier thanks to the good sitting position.