"Sailing is the most inclusive sport"

Photo: Sailboats on the open sea

A regatta usually consists of multiple individual races, where the boat that performs best in each race is the overall winner; © Pavlova

As a Paralympic discipline, sailing is being dropped. The decision of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to eliminate sailing from the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games is not just a bitter pill to swallow for athletes. The resolution is also going to have a long-term negative impact on this national and international recreational sport.


Equality as the most important component

Photo: Heiko Kröger sailing in his boat

Heiko Kröger is sailing an one-person keelboat (2.4mR) which is known for being unsinkable; © Ainhoa Sanchez/Audi

Sailing no longer a Paralympic discipline in 2020

Far-reaching impact on the recreational sport

Photo: Heiko Kröger during a competition

Up to 115 boats are competing during an open World Championship. The proportion of sailors with disabilities is about 25 percent; © Richard Walch/Audi

Taking initiative and promoting disability sports

Foto: Melanie Günther; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Fromman