Auxiliary means: Scarce commodities in Africa

Medical care with auxiliary means is not sufficiently regulated in every country in the world. The social system in Senegal for instance does not cover the cost for this. People with disabilities therefore need to pay for their own required resources. But what happens if that is not possible?


Photo: A lot of wheelchairs in the warehouse in Senegal

So many wheelchairs in one place is something you do not see very often in Senegal; © Rollis für Afrika

Wheelchairs are going on a trip

Photo: Loading the container with wheelchairs
Photo: Unloading the wheelchairs from the container
Photo: Walking aid gets customized
Photo: Bus in Senegal loaded with auxiliary means
Photo: Part of the team of Rollis für Afrika
Photo: Examination and distribution of the wheelchairs
Photo: Woman with walking aid in front of distribution bus

Mobility and participation

Photo: Wheelchair wheel of fortune on a festival

With the help of join-in activities like here during a festival, the team also collects donations in Germany and raises awareness for the situation in Senegal; © Rollis für Afrika

Helping people to help themselves

Photo: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann