New incentives: Fashion for people with disabilities

Supply and demand determine markets – this also applies to the fashion industry. In theory, it is supposed to be. Yet a look at fashion for people with disabilities quickly reveals that many needs of physically impaired customers are not being addressed and met. Now more and more designers want to change this.


Photo: Dressmaker at work; Copyright: Pereiras Villagr

Many people with a disability cannot buy there clothes off the shelf and need mades to measure; © Pereiras Villagr

Practical and chic at the same time

Photo: Young woman with trisomy 21 during photo shooting

Veronika Rehm is one of the five models for whom the "hemdless" designers created a custom-tailored shirt; © Clemens Krüger

Inclusion network

Photo: Dr. Kathleen Wachowski; Copyright: Thomas Heinick

Dr. Kathleen Wachowski commits herself for universal fashion in the network Smart-Fit-In; © Thomas Heinick

What does the target audience say?

Photo: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann