"So far, there is no lobby in fashion for people with disabilities"

Interview with Dr. Kathleen Wachowski, Smart-Fit-In

Aesthetic fashion garments for people with disabilities is still a niche market. This is why a European network wants to make sure that manufacturers, researchers and the target audience itself work together on developing intelligent and affordable solutions in an interdisciplinary and cross-industry fashion. Aesthetics and functionality are intended to be equally connected and enrich the market.


Photo: Dr. Kathleen Wachowski; Copyright: Thomas Heinick

Dr. Kathleen Wachowski; © Thomas Heinick

Photo: Wheelchair basketball players with Bivolino shirts; Copyright: Lutz Leßmann
Wheelchair basketball players, Oettinger RSB Team Thüringen
The wheelchair basketball players of the Oettingen RSB Team Thüringen with the men’s shirts tailored to their specific needs they tested for the Belgian Bivolino company.
Photo: Screenshots of the 3D pattern design development; Copyright: ENSAIT
Adapted 3D pattern design
The project about adapted 3D pattern design for people with disabilities wants wants to lead ones view in a way that the physical impairment is not the focus of attraction. Project implementation 2014, by the students MIHOKOVIC Mirna, NAMBIAR Roshni , SINGH Vaishnavi, lead by Prof. Pascal Bruniaux, at ENSAIT in Roubaix, France.
Photo: Woman in a wheelchair with friends in a bar; Copyright: Klaus von Kassel
Perfect fitting
If clothes fit perfectly it influences the sense of well-being and usually also has a positive impact on the person’s charisma.
Photo: Wheelchair user with a poncho driving up a ramp; Copyright: Klaus von Kassel
Good looking and functional
Many wheelchair users do not only want their clothes to look good but also to be functional. If fashion can combine both it is perfect.
Photo: Wheelchair user and model Sven Baum; Copyright: René Liedtke
Sven Baum
The wheelchair user Sven Baum is not only very active in karate, but also works as a model.
Photo: Young stylish woman with a crutch; Copyright: Jaques Brenan
Deza Nguembock
The Frenchwoman Deza Nguembock recently started a sensitization campaign with her agency "Esthétique et Handicap" in Paris.
Photo: Woman in a wheelchair on a catwalk; Copyright: Bezgraniz Couture

The German designer Angela Tönnies showed her clothes at the Bezgraniz-Couture Award 2011 in Moscow, Russia; © Bezgraniz Couture

Photo: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann