Eating and drinking: daily living aids that make life easier


Image: Hand holds a ball with a pen writing the word "Gripoballs", another hand holds a toothbrush ; Copyright: Gripoballs

With the approximately 15 grams heavy rubber balls you can hold pens and cutlery easier; © Gripoballs

Image: Hand holds a fork, ergonomically contoured utensils and strawberrys behind; Copyright: etac GmbH

The compay etacs produces assistment products for individual needs, for example ergonomically contoured utensils; © etac

Focus on product weight and designs

Image: electronical spoon; Copyright: Liftware

With this stabilizing device people with Parkinson's disease can eat easier; © Liftware

Sensor and motor ensure stability at mealtimes

Image: robot takes a candy with a spoon; Copyright: beta-web GmbH

Post-polio patient Sten Hemmingsson developed the assistment robot "Bestic"; © beta-web GmbH

Post-polio patient invents assistive device

Image: Lorraine Dindas; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann

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