Community development: "Q8 supports, connects and assists"


Photo: Armin Oertel; Copyright: Heike Günther

Armin Oertel; © Heike Günther

Photo: Karen Haubenreisser; Copyright: Heike Günther

Karen Haubenreisser; © Heike Günther

Photo: A lot of people are sitting at a table; Copyright: Heike Günther

With the Forum "Eine Mitte für Alle" the residents were able to determine what should be generated in Altona; © Heike Günther

Photo: A man shoves a woman in a wheelchair; Copyright: Heike Günther

The project Q8 is helping to connect and implement community projects. This way, projects are not only evolving great results for the community, but also friendships between the residents in the quarter; © Heike Günther

Photo: Anne Hofmann; Copyright: private

© private

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