How games conquer our world and range from mere entertainment to rehabilitation measures


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Especially for visually impaired or blind people, most video games are almost impossible to accomplish. But the resourceful community, which makes virtual worlds experienceable thanks to voice output MODs or special game tips, can also help here.

Photo: Dennis Winkens plays via QuadStick; Copyright: Thilo Schmuelgen/Aktion Mensch

Dennis Winkens has been in contact with some game developers since the Aktion Mensch project "Neue Nähe" and his attendance at gamescom, and has come to the knowledge that most games are not accessible due to ignorance.

The road to increased accessibility continues to be an important issue

Games to get people moving

Photo: A doctor explains to a woman something on the display of the treadmill; Copyright:

In the meantime, games are increasingly being used in medicine. Numerous studies confirm that the motivation for rehabilitation measures is higher if the exercises are implemented within a game from a virtual point of view.

Inclusion in the virtual world?

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