From A to Z: How patients with Aphasia can recover speech and language thanks to neolexon


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Today we do almost everything with digital help. We're not going anywhere without a smartphone. Why don't we also work flexibly and independently on the progress of our speech therapy? Because so far there have hardly been any individual offers.

Photo: The neolexon founding team: Hanna Jakob, Jakob Pfab, Mona Späth and Swaroop Nunna; Copyright: neolexon

The founding team (from left to right) around Hanna Jakob, Jakob Pfab, Mona Späth and Swaroop Nunna has meanwhile grown by another four employees.

The app that breathes new life into speech therapy

Photo: A hand assigns images to the corresponding terms in the neolexon app on the tablet; Copyright: neolexon

Neolexon is a digital tablet-based training designed for people with speech disorders such as aphasia and speech aphasia.

Data protection, medical device and health insurance reimbursement

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