Accessible travel – Seeing the world with other senses


Photo: Various banner, in the middle Saxony; Copyright: beta-web/Blume

If you don't want to experience Saxony only on a banner, you can travel accessible with the Tourismus Marketing Gesellschaft Sachsen (TMGS). Information can be found at REHACARE in Hall 5, Booth A29.

Photo: Two Portuguese Women at their Booth at REHACARE; Copyright: beta-web/Blume

Daniela and Rita Duarte want to make it possible for people to experience Portugal with all their senses. If you would like to get a first impression of Portuguese hospitality, you have the opportunity as a visitor of the trade fair to Booth B 30 in hall 5.

Photo: a hand palpates a model of a traditional building with many haptic details; Copyright: Portugal 4all Senses

Experience Portugal and its culture with all your senses - Rita and Daniela Duarte make it possible for visually impaired travellers.