MemoreBox by RetroBrain: Where rehabilitation meets fun

We asked...Manouchehr Shamsrizi, Co-Founder and Adalbert Pakura, CEO of RetroBrain R&D


Photo: Manouchehr Shamsrizi; Copyright: RetroBrain R&D

Manouchehr Shamsrizi first came across the subject of gaming and health during a Germany scholarship topic course. The class highlighted the impact of an aging population. What’s more, a dementia case in his close circle of friends also heightened his awareness for this issue.

Photo: Older lady sitting on a chair in front of a screen showing a motorcyclist on the motorway. Other residents cheer her on; Copyright: RetroBrain R&D

No matter whether individually or together with other residents – the game with the MemoreBox brings some momentum to the nursing home.

Photo: Adalbert Pakura; Copyright: RetroBrain R&D

Adalbert Pakura is CEO of RetroBrain R&D. At the start-up in Hamburg, people believe that rehabilitation can and should be fun. The first pilot phase of the MemoreBox was very successful and shows the advantages of playing for older people.

Photo: Older lady playing with the MemoreBox raises her arms to cheer in front of her spectators; Copyright: RetroBrain R&D

The test of the MemoreBox in several nursing homes showed that regular playing has health-promoting effects on the social, physical and cognitive resources of older people.

Photo: Anne Hofmann; Copyright: private