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Most seniors with dementia live at home


Contrary to popular belief, most older Americans with advancing dementia remain in their own homes - many until they die. But a new study by researchers at UC San Francisco has revealed that this population may endure more pain and have more complex or unaddressed medical needs than their counterparts in nursing homes.
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Positive effect of music and dance on dementia


Stereotypically viewed as passive and immobile, a University of Otago, New Zealand, pilot study has shown the powerful influence music and dance can have on older adults with dementia.
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Graphic: Shows an older couple. She is telling him something but he can't hear it; Copyright: University of Tsukuba

Hearing loss tied with mental, physical, and social ailments in older people


Japanese study finds convincing evidence that hearing loss in older people is associated with restriction of outdoor activities, anxiety, and memory loss.
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Socially active 60-year-olds face lower dementia risk


Being more socially active in your 50s and 60s predicts a lower risk of developing dementia later on, finds a new UCL-led study.
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Photo: Elderly woman playing together with her granddaughter at the gaming console; Copyright: Michaudeau

Can computer use, crafts and games slow or prevent age-related memory loss?


A new study has found that mentally stimulating activities like using a computer, playing games, crafting and participating in social activities are linked to a lower risk or delay of age-related memory loss called mild cognitive impairment, and that the timing and number of these activities may also play a role.
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Prevent dementia by preventing stroke


The risk factors for stroke and dementia are the same, and a growing body of evidence demonstrates that preventing stroke can also prevent some dementias.
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Photo: An elderly woman catches ichó. The ball starts to glow in red-orange colors.; Copyright: ichó systems -

"ichó brings people with and without dementia together and provides a way to share stories, experiences, and impressions."


Like the golden sphere in the fairy tale of the Frog King, ichó (Greek for echo) is meant to bring back lost motor skills and cognitive functions to people with dementia. The project of four former graduates of the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences aims to offer individual support through a person’s favorite music or fairy tale.
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