Image: A table with a lot of fruits, vegetables and nuts; Copyright: PantherMedia/Z Jan

Plant-based diets high in carbs improve type 1 diabetes


Plant-based diets rich in whole carbohydrates can improve insulin sensitivity and other health markers in individuals with type 1 diabetes, according to two case studies published by researchers from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in the Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism.
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Image: A woman in black clothes with long dark hair is standing in a laboratory; Copyright: Rebecca McElhoe/Purdue University

Swallowing is complicated, but this researcher is making it easier


People swallow hundreds of times a day – often without realizing they are doing it. But for some people, being able to safely swallow means the difference between life and death.
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Image: A bud of the cannabis plant on a prescription form; Copyright: PantherMedia/TeriVirbickis

Survey: alternative medicine widespread among people with MS


A new survey of more than 1,000 people with multiple sclerosis finds that an overwhelming majority use complementary and alternative medicine, with many using cannabis.
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Photo: Screenshot from the Bravo Twist product video. An older man sits in front of a plate and holds the Bravo Twist in his hand ; Copyright: Pro Walk GmbH

Adaptive eating utensils with a Twist: How Bravo Twist by ProWalk outsmarts Parkinson’s tremors


We all know that food intake is essential for the survival of every living organism. Yet for humans, food can also be a great source of pleasure or even love. At any rate, it is an important part of our social life. But what happens if our own body throws a monkey wrench into our food intake by having a stroke or neurological disorder?
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Photo: The iEAT Light Grip eating aid; Copyright: Assistive Innovations bv

"Assistive devices help to actively join the meal"


There are various different kinds of auxiliary means at REHACARE. And the drinking and eating aids are definitely among the popular ones. With its assistive devices the company Assistive Innovations bv from the Netherlands wants to help people with different disabilities to become more independent with eating. CEO Arthur Blom tells more about classic and new products.
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