Photo: computer modell of a handbike; Copyright: Technische Universität München

Researchers develop hybrid handbike


Unlike the classic bicycle, the handbike is powered by the arms and is one of the most popular pieces of sports equipment among paraplegics. The new hybrid "BikAble" design, developed at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), combines the functions of the sports apparatus and the wheelchair.
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Photo: a person who is missing half a leg sitting on a chair; Copyright: University of Southampton

3D scanning technologies for prosthetic limb design


Cutting-edge 3D scanners have been put to the test by researchers from the University of Southampton and partners Exceed Worldwide to help increase the quality and quantity of prosthetics services around the world.
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Photo: a few people sitting around a table and playing a cardboard game; Copyright: University of Oulu

Multiple Sclerosis: Gamified digital health solution


Researchers aim to help people with multiple sclerosis self-manage their condition by using a new evidence-based digital application. Due to digitalization of healthcare, there is a strong vision that digital tools will also be used by patients to target specific health conditions. However, there is not much evidence yet that this would bring value in the care process.
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Photo: a woman in a hospital bed, her dog sits on the bed as well; Copyright: Private photo of Iris and Sandy

Paw hygiene no reason to ban assistance dogs from hospitals


Over 10,000 people in Europe use an assistance dog; think of hearing dogs for people with a hearing impairment, medical response service dogs and psychiatric service dogs. According to a UN-agreement and the Dutch law, these dogs are welcome in hospitals and other public places. However, in practice, many assistance dog users and their dogs are regularly refused entry.
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Photo: a man with holding a small implant that looks like a lense; Copyright: Alain Herzog / 2021 EPFL

Retinal implants can give artificial vision to the blind


Being able to make blind people see again sounds like the stuff of miracles or even science fiction. And it has always been one of the biggest challenges for scientists. Diego Ghezzi, who holds the Medtronic Chair in Neuroengineering (LNE) at EPFL's School of Engineering, has made this issue a research focus.
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Photo: Someone using his/her Smartphone, in the foreground is a pillbox; Copyright: PantherMedia/stevanovicigor

Digital app can help people with chronic pain manage their pain


Digital solutions including remote monitoring can help people with chronic pain manage their pain and reduce the probability of misuse of prescription opioids.
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Image: a girl in a stand up wheelchair; Copyright: PARAVAN GmbH

Actively involved with the stand up wheelchair


Finally standing up by themselves, being able to reach for a glass, looking over the railing in the zoo without any problems or simply darting around the square with their playmates without having to be pushed or lifted up. The new PARAVAN PR 35 S fulfils these children's dreams. It is small, compact, colourful and versatile.
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Photo: a womans body, she is wearing green jeans and pulling up her T-Shirt a bit so that her ostopy pouch can be seen; Copyright: PantherMedia/Matusskaaaaa

Strategies for optimal bowel management with stoma or TAI


A variety of solutions can help when the intestines don’t work properly: a stoma is an artificial opening designed to treat disease, relieve symptoms and make life easier. Transanal irrigation (TAI) is another well-documented technique that helps remediate fecal incontinence and constipation. Medical device manufacturers and home care experts help find the best solution to every problem.
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Photo: Three women with drinks in a Cafe; Copyright: PantherMedia/Sergiy Tryapitsyn

Incontinence: Effective management with the right aid and consultation service


Incontinence comes with a list of misconceptions. Yet it is quite common and should not be a taboo subject. Incontinence affects many people: besides older adults, this includes pregnant women, people who are paralyzed or children. How do you manage incontinence and self-catheterization if you are affected and what are available product options and consultation services?
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Photo: a hand wearing splints is holding dumbbell; Copyright: Ali Khaheshi

Fully supportive, yet mobile, splints


Around 80 percent of sports injuries are so-called musculoskeletal injuries, for example sprains, strains or overstretching. Conventional supports either do not provide enough stability or restrict the mobility of the joint too much. A research team from the Zoological Institute at Kiel University (CAU) has now developed a flexible joint splint that combines maximum mobility and optimal stability.
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Image: a silver factory of Funke Medical; Copyright: Funke Medical AG

Decubitus therapy systems developed by experts


Due to its special corporate and personnel policy, the Funke Medical AG is one of the leading German manufacturers of decubitus therapy systems. The medium-sized company is specialised in the development of medical foam products in the highest quality levels.
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Image: an old man watering some flowers in a park; Copyright: Tohoku University

Communal activities boost rehabilitation for older adults


A group of researchers has developed a new program showing participation and activity is critical for the rehabilitation of older adults in long-term care.
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Photo: An elderly woman catches ichó. The ball starts to glow in red-orange colors.; Copyright: ichó systems -

"ichó brings people with and without dementia together and provides a way to share stories, experiences, and impressions."


Like the golden sphere in the fairy tale of the Frog King, ichó (Greek for echo) is meant to bring back lost motor skills and cognitive functions to people with dementia. The project of four former graduates of the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences aims to offer individual support through a person’s favorite music or fairy tale.
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