Photo: The booth of ReWalk with many exoskeletons and visitors at the fair REHACARE 2019. Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf / Constanze Tillmann

German Federal Social Court Schedules Hearing on Classification of Exoskeleton Medical Devices


ReWalk Robotics, a manufacturer of robotic medical devices for people with lower extremity disabilities, has announced that the German Federal Social Court is scheduling a hearing on the classification of exoskeleton medical devices for people with spinal cord injuries.
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Image: Shower stool. Right: Entire shower stool in a shower with a stream of water splashing on it. Left: Cutouts of the white seat; Copyright: Drive Medical GmbH & Co. KG

Shower stools, chairs and folding seats from Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare


Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare offers a wide range of shower stools, chairs and folding seats. Shower chairs are all equipped with backrests and usually with armrests. Another space-saving shower companion can be mounted on the wall and easily fold up and down. In this way, the company wants to provide comfort and stability.
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Photo: Katja Tefiki while paragliding; Copyright: Katja Tefiki

Katja Tefiki

Katja Tefiki – That's how she rolls


Katja Tefiki had to completely reorganize her everyday life after she became paraplegic. She got her driver's license and today her car and wheelchair are her indispensable companions. She loves long car rides and paragliding is also one of her passions. How she rolls otherwise, she tells us on
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Photo: a young man tests an exoskeleton by descending a staircase during REHACARE. Several people are indistinct in the background; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf, Constanze Tillmann

Messe Düsseldorf, Constanze Tillmann

Exoskeletons for prevention and therapy


Exoskeletons are constantly evolving and are increasingly finding their way into prevention and therapy. In this month's Topic of the Month, we look at how they help protect people from physical harm at work and how they can be used in therapy!
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Photo: A man in a handbike wearing prescription glasses, a blue jacket and a helmet; Copyright: Jana Bittner

Jana Bittner

Marco Pompe – That's how he rolls


Sport as a means of inclusion – that can work. Marco Pompe is convinced of that. On he reveals how he envisions it, which barriers he would still like to break down for people with disabilities and how he rolls otherwise.
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Photo: a man in a wheelchair with opened arms on a stage, the photo is taken from behind him; Copyright: private


Sebastian Schild – That's how he rolls


Sebastian Schild has made his strength his profession and helps others to lead a better life. The 36-year-old is a speaker, trainer and expert for inner strength, perception and mindset. Who he would like to philosophize with, what he cannot live without and how he rolls otherwise, he tells us at
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Photo: An athletic woman sitting and smiling at the camera; Copyright: Sedrik Nemeth

Sedrik Nemeth

Silke Pan – That's how she rolls


Not making happiness dependent on external circumstances or other people and believing that the best is yet to come – that is Silke Pan's recipe for success. What the sport is an expression of, why she would like to ride on the back of a dragon from literature and how she rolls otherwise, she told us at
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