Image: An older woman with a walking cane is trying to get up from the couch; Copyright: PantherMedia/VitalikRadko

Do not let social isolation keep you from being active


By now, we are all aware that COVID-19 is especially dangerous for older adults - the older you are, the higher your risk for serious illness and even death if you contract the virus. Because there is no treatment or a vaccine yet, it is vitally important that we practice social distancing and wear masks to protect ourselves from disease.
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Image: An older woman is walking along a room, a younger woman takes measurements and walks behind her; Copyright: University of Jyväskylä

Physical activity of older people requires tailored monitoring


The ability to move about may deteriorate when ageing, a phenomenon which needs to be considered when assessing physical activity in older people. A study on active ageing at the University of Jyväskylä examined movement that exceeds the intensity of preferred walking speed.
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Image: A nure is touching an older woman in a chair at the shoulder; Copyright: McLean Hospital

Study will enhance training for nurses working with dementia patients


McLean Hospital's Brent P. Forester, MD, MSc, is heading a new study of a training model to help primary care nurses better care for patients with dementia. Funded by a $54 million grant from the National Institute on Aging (NIA), the research effort is one of two pilot studies by the NIA's IMPACT Collaboratory.
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Image: An older man with a hat is reading a newspaper on a bench in a park; Copyright: PantherMedia/ljsphotography

Elderly people are 'underrepresented' in the media


Underrepresented, poorly represented, stereotyped… the presence of elderly people in some media outlets is low in relation to their weight in society, and it is not adjusted to reality. These are some of the conclusions of the study conducted on Spanish journalists specialized on this subject, published in the international communication scientific journal El Profesional de la Información.
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Image: A woman is doing exercises with a gymnastic ball; Copyright: Marlene Abadias

Stay at home but do not stay still during the pandemic


In a review article published in the American Journal of Physiology, Brazilian researchers present scientific evidence on the impact of short periods of inactivity on the cardiovascular system and recommend exercise to stay fit at home during the pandemic.
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Photo: Booth of the GGT at REHACARE; Copyright: GGT Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gerontotechnik® mbH, Iserlohn

Smart Living: Gerontechnology centers on people


Living independently in their own homes for as long as possible – many older adults want to make this dream come true. Smart assistance solutions and other assistive technology increasingly help people age in place. The German Society for Gerontechnology (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gerontotechnik, GGT) aims to foster this development and help shape its future.
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