Photo: Smartphone with patient data stream next to shoes with the wearables on it; Copyright: National University of Singapore

Gait analysis: Wireless sensor system for portable, accurate and affordable wearables


Gait analysis is an important clinical measurement used for medical diagnosis of sports injuries, neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and Cerebral Palsy, and for assessing frailty and fall risk of the elderly. Now, researchers developed a novel wireless sensor system capable of achieving clinical gait measurements with comparable accuracies to the current gold-standard mat.
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Photo: Screenshot from virtual boxing for people during stroke rehabilitation; Copyright: University of East Anglia

Stroke: Putting virtual rehabilitation to the test


Researchers at the University of East Anglia have been putting virtual reality rehabilitation for stroke survivors to the test: They have created a new gaming platform which uses low cost videogame technology to improve the lives of stroke patients living with complex neurological syndromes caused by their stroke.
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Photo: Elderly man during stroke rehabilitation; Copyright: PantherMedia/DesignPicsInc

Rehabilitation after stroke: There's no place like home


Stroke patients who get professional rehabilitation training in their homes through live video consultations may recover their motor skills better than those who do their rehab in person with a therapist at an outpatient rehabilitation facility, according to a new study. Remote rehabilitation may also promote greater brain connectivity, the study said.
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Photo: dummy with the ReWalk ReStore soft robotic exosuit; Copyright: ReWalk Robotics Ltd

Researchers report positive results for ReWalk ReStore exosuit in stroke rehabilitation


A team of U.S. researchers published the results of a multi-center, single-arm trial of the ReWalk ReStore™ for gait training in individuals undergoing post-stroke rehabilitation. They found the device safe and reliable during treadmill and overground walking under the supervision of physical therapists.
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