Photo: Caregiver clapping and moving together with elderly people in a retirement home; Copyright: seventyfourimages

Music helps patients with dementia connect with loved ones


A Northwestern Medicine study shows that novel music intervention sparks emotional connection between patients and caregivers. Music memories remain in brain after patients lose language and other memories. During the intervention, many patients started to play, sing and dance together with their partners, which was a significant change for the family.
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Photo: Hospital staff member assists patient lying in hospital bed in intensive care unit during leg training with THERA-Trainer

THERA-Trainer: Early mobilization in intensive care


The company THERA-Trainer launches broad awareness campaign "Early mobility matters" to inform about the potential of early mobilization in intensive care. Early mobilisation saves resources and demonstrably brings great benefits to patients. The campaign aims to raise awareness and provide practical solutions for implementation.
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Photo: a woman in a wheelchair entering a treadmill; Copyright: ezyGain S.A.S.

ezyGain S.A.S.

One step at a time – With ema, the smart treadmill for gait rehabilitation


The overall goal of rehabilitation is to – literally – get patients (back) on their feet and provide professionally guided training to regain mobility and strength. However, some people find walking on a treadmill boring after a while.
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Photo: a soldier leaning his head against his dog; Copyright: Rehahunde Deutschland e.V.

Rehahunde Deutschland e.V.

PTSD assistance dogs provide security and increase rehabilitation successes


Dogs are not only popular pets, but in some cases they also do important work: Assistance dogs trained for people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are not only a physical companion in everyday life, but above all must also be a psychological support. The association Rehahunde Deutschland e.V. trains such dogs. This year it celebrated its 15th anniversary.
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Photo: a womans body, she is wearing green jeans and pulling up her T-Shirt a bit so that her ostopy pouch can be seen; Copyright: PantherMedia/Matusskaaaaa

PantherMedia / matusskaaaaa

Strategies for optimal bowel management with stoma or TAI


A variety of solutions can help when the intestines don’t work properly: a stoma is an artificial opening designed to treat disease, relieve symptoms and make life easier. Transanal irrigation (TAI) is another well-documented technique that helps remediate fecal incontinence and constipation. Medical device manufacturers and home care experts help find the best solution to every problem.
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