Photo: Emblem for the Paralympics 2024; Copyright: Paralympic Movement • IPC

Paralympics: Paris 2024 reveals the face of its Games


Paris 2024 unveiled its new emblem at a spectacular, mass-participation event where sport provided the theme. In fusing together three iconic symbols – the gold medal, the Olympic flame and Marianne – the emblem embodies the idea of a friendly, people’s Games. And for the first time in the history of the Games, the emblem is common to both the Olympics and Paralympics.
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Photo: German male Goalball team after their success; Copyright: Binh Truong/DBS

Goalball European Championships: Germany fires half a dozen goal past Ukraine


Germany enjoyed a double podium finish at their home 2019 Goalball European Championships "A" in Rostock on last Sunday (14 October) with their men’s team claiming gold and the women’s team settled for bronze.
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Photo: Alhassane Baldé in his wheelchair; Copyright: Agentur für Arbeit Düsseldorf

Alhassane Baldé – That's how he rolls


Alhassane Baldé is a successful German para-athlete in wheelchair racing and has already won several medals. For him, the topics of sport and participation are therefore closely linked. Why he is grateful to his parents and what role Barack Obama plays, he tells us at
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Photo: Markus Boettner; Copyright: private

Markus Boettner – That's how he rolls


Markus Boettner grew up with the Wartburg in sight and the Thuringian Forrest as playground. After he graduated University the passionate musician moved to Galway, Ireland. He moved back to Germany since half a year now. What moves the linguist and why a quotation of his good friend enriches his life, he tells us at
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Photo: Christian Jaster; Copyright: Malte Wittmershaus

Christian Jaster – That's how he rolls


Para ice hockey is the ultimate sport for Christian Jaster. Since he was a child he is infected with the ice hockey virus. Meanwhile, Jaster has become an integral part of the German Para Ice Hockey National Team and webmaster of the official homepage. What other sports he wants to try out and what he would like to be, he tells us at
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