Photo: Sapna Kudchadkar with a child in PICU; Copyright: Johns Hopkins Medicine

Many children in intensive care may not be getting rehabilitation therapy


Adult patients in hospital intensive care units (ICUs) are often given rehabilitation therapy and urged to keep mobile from an early point in their hospital stays. However, the prevalence or lack of rehabilitation practices for critically ill children in pediatric intensive care units (PICUs) across the nation has been not been solidly researched. But a new study gives insights now.
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Image: Child with cerebral palsy with a walking aid; Copyright: PantherMedia/jarenwicklund

How a network of hospitals reduced average age at cerebral palsy diagnosis to 9.5 months


More than 50 percent of all eventual cerebral palsy (CP) cases spend time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, making early CP evaluation a crucial element of any hospital's high-risk follow-up program. The earlier children are diagnosed, the better their chances of early access to evidence-based interventions targeted specifically for CP.
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Photo: Dagmar Marth in a consultation situation with a patient and other medical staff; Copyright: Scheurlen, ukb

Peer Counseling in hospitals: Empowering amputees


Whether it’s motivating patients throughout the lengthy fitting process for the prosthesis or sharing ways to make everyday life easier – there are many questions and challenges facing a person after amputation. The German project "Peers im Krankenhaus" (PiK, English: Hospital Peers) was created to support people after amputation, to encourage them in talks and give a positive perspective on life.
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Photo: Philipp Mahler with an avatar at MEDICA 2015

"The robot facilitates and promotes the connection between children"


A robot that provides a link between hospital and classroom? The project Avatar Kids makes this possible: acutely ill children are able to actively participate in school activities with the help of a tablet computer. The teacher facilitates the communication. spoke with Philipp Mahler of Avatar Kids about the opportunities this project provides.
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