Photo: Person filling out an application form for employment; Copyright: PantherMedia/Andriy Popov

Inaccessible application forms are a barrier


Inaccessible application forms mean that nearly a third of people with a learning disability found it hard to apply for jobs, according to Mencap’s new survey of 1625 adults with a learning disability in the UK.
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Photo: A man working on a keyboard for the visually impaired; Copyright: Andi Weiland | Boehringer Ingelheim,

It is not only in digital form that the diversity of people must be recognized and taken into account!


Sweden is a pioneer in many things. But the Scandinavian country does not represent Europe. However, there is also no country that can be regarded as a positive overall example in the topic of Inclusion. Susanna Laurin from Funka knows why digital accessibility is a way to participate and why research in the field of disabilities and information and communication technology is so important.
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Photo: Older lady sitting on a chair in front of a screen showing a motorcyclist on the motorway. Other residents cheer her on; Copyright: RetroBrain R&D

MemoreBox by RetroBrain: Where rehabilitation meets fun


Doing something good for your health in a playful and fun way – that sums up the concept of health games. "It does not have to be grueling, boring and dreadful to maintain or regain your health," says Manouchehr Shamsrizi. He co-founded RetroBrain and developed the MemoreBox – an easy-to-use gaming console for aging adults, designed to keep them physically and mentally healthy and fit.
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Photo: Chiara Dickmann und Helen van Ravenstein; Copyright: Tobias Koch |

Leicht. Bewerben.: "Simple Language can break down online barriers and communicate content so everyone can understand"


Writing an informative job application can be hard but it’s crucial if you want to find a job. Especially young people with learning disabilities often struggle with this feat. That’s why the KulturLife non-profit organization has launched the "Leicht. Bewerben" project (English: Applying. Made Simple).
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Photo: Tobias Polsfuß laughing with some of his housemates; Copyright: Daniela Buchholz

Looking for and finding inclusive shared housing options at WOHN:SINN


A look at the living situation of many people with learning disabilities reveals they often only get to choose between living in care homes or their families’ homes. Many of them are not aware of the numerous inclusive shared housing options that gradually emerge in Germany and where people with or without disabilities live together.
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Photo: meeting in the PIKSL Lab

"PIKSL focuses on the removal of digital barriers"


Digital transformation does not only cause problems for persons with disabilities. Companies are also facing digital barriers they need to overcome. The PIKSL Lab makes digital inclusion its priority: together, individuals with and without disabilities work on removing digital barriers. In this interview with, Project Manager Tobias Marczinzik explains the PIKSL concept.
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