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Image: A young girl straightens up in the electric children's wheelchair to reach a glass of juice on a higher counter; Copyright: PARAVAN


Children's wheelchairs by PARAVAN: independent standing, lying, sitting and tilting


At the RehaKIND congress, PARAVAN presents the versatile wheelchair portfolio of the PR series for children with a seat concept that grows with the child. There is a wide range of possible uses. With the adaptable power wheelchairs, children are in the middle of the action and not just there.
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Image: A Patient tests a brain-computer interface while to other men are watching him; Copyright: AG Klinische Neurotechnologie, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

AG Klinische Neurotechnologie, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Controlling neural exoskeletons more precisely with diamond sensors


Brain-computer interfaces are able to restore some mobility to paralyzed people by controlling exoskeletons. However, more complex control signals cannot yet be read from the head surface because conventional sensors are not sensitive enough. A collaboration of Fraunhofer IAF, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, University of Stuttgart and other industrial partners has taken up this challenge.
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Image: A man with two prosthetic legs is accompanied outside on the right and left by a man and a woman from Pace Rehabilitation; Copyright: Ottobock.


Ottobock acquires prosthetic rehabilitation provider Pace Rehabilitation


Ottobock, the global health-tech company, has successfully completed the acquisition of Pace Rehabilitation, one of the UK’s independent providers of prosthetic and rehabilitation services in the UK.
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Image: The Magic 360 power wheelchair standing on a lawn; Copyright: Sunrise Medical®

Sunrise Medical®

Sunrise Medical: Magic 360 has been named one of the Retailers’ Choice Products Of The Year


In the annual feature from THIIS. Magazine, retailers were asked which products had impressed them most in 2022. Business leaders from across the mobility industry took part in highlighting one product that has stood out above all the others for them. Sunrise Medical is delighted that the Magic 360 was chosen by Lifestyle & Mobility, and named a product of the year 2022 in the latest edition.
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Image: Qiu Yisong stands in front of a yellow car with a picture sprayed on it ; Copyright: Qiu Yisong

Qiu Yisong

Interview with Mr. Qiu Yisong: Founder of the "Three Feet" guesthouse


Qiu Yisong, who hails from Yanshan, Cangzhou, in Hebei province, had his left leg amputated above the knee in 2010 due to a car accident. Currently he lives in Dali, in Yunnan province, and is the founder of the "Three Feet" guesthouse.
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