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Image: Woman gets a medical examination from a medical professional; Copyright: University of Houston

AI system to predict patients at higher risk for diabetes complications


Researchers at the University of Houston Primary Care Forecast have developed a clinical decision support system that uses Deep Learning to predict which patients are more likely to experience complications. The new Diabetes Complication Severity Index (DCSI) Progression Tool considers social and environmental circumstances in addition to disease history.
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Image: Concept illustration in color shows the outline of a playing child wearing the robot garment ; Copyright: Jonathan Realmuto/UCR

Jonathan Realmuto/UCR

Robot sleeves for kids with cerebral palsy


Robotic "clothing," is designed to help children with cerebral palsy gain control of their arm movements. The project by the UC Riverside engineers is taking a novel approach to create devices made of soft textiles that also allow for more natural limb function.
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Photo: Blurred image of several children using a tablet ; Copyright: dfuentesphotostock


Supporting caregivers of kids with developmental disorders: there's an app for that


A web-based, self-guided app with instructions in both English and Setswana is designed to be used by caregivers in South Africa. The app provides structured activities that encourage caregiver-child communication and can be implemented into daily routines. The app shows potential for advancing the communication skills of children with developmental disorder.
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Photo: Numerous people on a large stage with their awards. Behind them: Canvas with the inscription:

Funke Medical GmbH

Funke Medical honoured as a finalist at "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes"


Funke Medical GmbH was named "Finalist of the Year 2022" in this year's "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes" competition. For example, the medical technology manufacturer supports sustainable development and is one of a particularly committed corporate elite that continuously trains its employees.
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Photo: Elderly woman with glasses using a smartphone; Copyright: tommyandone


Indiana University researchers receive $3.96 million to test dementia care app


The I-CARE 2 randomized clinical trial will measure the impact of Brain CareNotes, a mobile telehealth application, on informal caregivers of patients living with Alzheimer's disease and related dementia. The Indiana University researchers receive $3.96 million to test dementia care app.
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