We asked ... Tobias Marczinzik, PIKSL Project Manager

"PIKSL focuses on the removal of digital barriers"

Digital transformation does not only cause problems for persons with disabilities. Companies are also facing digital barriers they need to overcome. The PIKSL Lab makes digital inclusion its priority: together, individuals with and without disabilities work on removing digital barriers. In this interview with, Project Manager Tobias Marczinzik explains the PIKSL concept.


Photo: Tobias Marczinzik

Project Manager Tobias Marczinzik; © PIKSL

Photo: meeting in the PIKSL Lab
Photo: senior is getting used to a tablet
Photo: seniors are giving advices to people with diasbilities
Photo: Minister Barbara Steffens at the booth of PIKSL at REHACARE
Foto: Melanie Günther; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Fromman

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