Promoting career self-determination with adaptive utility work machines


Photo: a man getting lifted into a huge wheel loader, his wheelchair is still on the ground; Copyright: PARAVAN GmbH

Living a self-determined life also means being able to pursue one's profession with a disability. If this requires large machines, these can be adapted.

Photo: an orange ride-on lawn mower; Copyright: F. Sodermanns Automobile GmbH

It doesn't always have to be very large devices: Smaller utility machines such as lawn mowers can also be adapted to a disability.

Wheel loaders, tractors, large trucks – nothing too big for customization

The cost of inclusion

Photo: a man sitting in an orange cleaning machine for the streets; Copyright: PARAVAN GmbH

Once work vehicles have been converted, they can (usually) be used by all employees – that, too, is inclusion.

No challenge too great

Photo: Kyra Molinari; Copyright: Stefan Gersema

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