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Fashion: Functionality meets aesthetics

Dear Sir or Madam,

Fashion means participation – at least when adaptive designs combine both functionality and aesthetics. How two fashion labels are putting this into practice? Find out in our new video Online fashion show: Adaptive fashion for people with and without disabilities.

Have a nice week!

Nadine Lormis
Editorial team

Graphic: 23 - 26 September 2020, REHACARE International Trade Fair for Rehabilitation and Care, Düsseldorf, Germany


Video: Adaptive fashion for people with and without disabilities
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Online fashion show: Adaptive fashion for people with and without disabilities


Photo: Cover picture - linked to the video "Online fashion show: Adaptive fashion for people with and without disabilities"
If fashion is practical and also keeps up with the latest chic trends, it has achieved its goal. We present pictures of two fashion labels that combine great style and functionality and make it work in everyday life and not just for wheelchair users and people of short stature.
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Recreation & Culture

Sabine Ellerbrock bids farewell to wheelchair tennis following successful career

After a dream career in wheelchair tennis, Germany's Sabine Ellerbrock announced her retirement from the courts. It was a decision that had been impending for a while and she gave a good thought to it before putting her racquet to rest, revealed Ellerbrock.
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Paralympics 20XX: The only thing certain is nothing is certain

Topic of the Month

Photo: A resting basketball during the Paralympics in Rio2016; Copyright: Andi Weiland |
It was supposed to be the crowning event in para sports – Tokyo 2020. But now the Games have been postponed until 2021. This ended a period of uncertainty for the athletes who trained for late summer 2020. wondered what comes next for three German athletes, and learned why the new date set for the summer of 2021 won’t solve all problems.
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Auxiliary Means

Soft robotic exosuit makes stroke survivors walk faster and farther

A research study in stroke survivors with chronic hemiparesis shows that soft exosuit technology can bring immediate improvements in walking speed and endurance tests.
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Auxiliary Means

Plug and Play: the world’s first ready-to-use bionic arm prosthesis developed and implanted

Next milestone in the development of bionic arm prostheses: Oskar Aszmann's team in the Clinical Laboratory for Bionic Limb Reconstruction at MedUni Vienna’s Department of Surgery has developed the world's first fully integrated bionic arm prosthesis that is ready to use – in keeping with the motto "Plug and Play".
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Carolin Wegner – That's how she rolls

How we roll

Photo: Caroling Wegner with her cat in her arms; Copyright: Carolin_We_
Carolin Wegner has already had to overcome many hurdles in her life: prejudices against people with disabilities, physicians who did not take her seriously, and the negative influence of some fellow human beings. But she could and can always count on the support of her family and friends. How her cats can make her laugh and how she otherwise rolls, she tells us on
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Research & Health

Mindfulness training shows promise for people with MS

New research suggests mindfulness training may help multiple sclerosis patients in two very different ways: regulating negative emotions and improving processing speed.
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Research & Health

Telehealth during COVID-19 may lead to better outcomes for diabetes patients

A new study has shown that for some patients with type 1 diabetes the close monitoring of their condition using telehealth protocols combined with appropriate technology may lead to better care during the COVID-19 pandemic, when patients are avoiding in-person visits.
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Research & Health

COVID-19 study: Impact of social distancing on the elderly

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on social contact, loneliness, wellbeing and physical activity in older adults will be the focus of a new University of Stirling study. The project will provide a crucial understanding of the negative impacts of social distancing in over 70s and explore strategies that could enhance social engagement and physical activity during the crisis.
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