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The basis for innovation: research and development

Dear Sir or Madam,

You can't reinvent the wheel completely, but at least optimizations are usually possible with every product. This is especially true for the auxiliary industry. How research and development can play their part here and to what extent the current trend of increasing digitalization influences this, you can find out in our current Topic of the Month October.

Have a week full of new developments,

Nadine Lormis
Editorial team

Graphic: 23 - 26 September 2020, REHACARE International Trade Fair for Rehabilitation and Care, Düsseldorf, Germany


Video: Sport for all at the Sport Centre
News from the field of Women & Kids
How We Roll
News from the field of Research & Health
Topic of the Month

Sport for all: Active at the Sports Centre


Photo: Title photo - linked to video "Sport for all: Active at the Sports Centre"
REHACARE is in sports fever! Soccer, para ice hockey, table tennis for the blind or martial arts with prostheses – in the sports centre everyone will find the sport that suits them best. And for those who prefer to stay passive, there is a varied program with tournaments, show matches and presentations on the stage.
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Women & Kids

Prototype smartphone app can help parents detect early signs of eye disorders in children

A Baylor University researcher's prototype smartphone app – designed to help parents detect early signs of various eye diseases in their children such as retinoblastoma, an aggressive pediatric eye cancer – has passed its first big test.
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Women & Kids

Autism: Full-body interaction videogames enhance social skills in children

Narcís Parés, a member of the Cognitive Media Technologies research group of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (DTIC) at UPF, is working on a research line known as "full-body interaction". At his laboratory, he designs different applications based on such interaction in order to study the mediation of experiences.
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Patrick Mayer – That's how he rolls

How we roll

Photo: Patrick Mayer in his office; Copyright: Patrick Mayer
While others are having a midlife crisis at 40, Patrick Mayer knows he's not done with life yet. The Swiss entrepreneur still has a lot to do. To meet a hungry polar bear, on the other hand, is not on his to-do list. On, he tells us why children with disabilities are so important to him and what certain numbers he would like to know.
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Research & Health

Better treatment for diabetic foot ulcers

People with type 2 diabetes often live with poorly-healing infected wounds on their feet. Using existing methods, however, it takes two days to grow a bacterial culture used to identify the pathogens infecting the wound and their antibiotic resistance – and thus to find an effective antibiotic. With the help of a new rapid test, it will take just one hour to obtain this information in the future.
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Research & Health

Leg amputees feel and use the prosthesis as a real limb

Tiny electrodes implanted in the patients' thigh nerve allow them to feel natural sensations of touch and movement from the prosthesis. Therefore, the amputees can walk freely while thinking about different activities other than controlling the device.
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Research & Health

Artificial skin that can help rehabilitation and enhance virtual reality

Just like our senses of hearing and vision, our sense of touch plays an important role in how we perceive and interact with the world around us. And technology capable of replicating our sense of touch - also known as haptic feedback - can greatly enhance human-computer and human-robot interfaces for applications such as medical rehabilitation and virtual reality.
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The basis for innovation: research and development

Topic of the Month

Photo: A kind of Lego robot and a child's hand that has the control for it on its wrist; Copyright: PantherMedia/yacobchuk1
Basic research, technology development, and the development of a prototype to a marketable product – these are the steps that innovations go through before we can use them. has looked around which promising tools could soon conquer the market for blind people and how a FabLab project tries to implement digital participation for all.
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