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Photo: A wheelchair with the trivida® wheel, a part of the wheel leans in front of the wheelchair; Copyright: trivida®


Reinventing the wheelchair wheel: greater independence with trivida®


Nobody expects the reinvention of the wheel and yet that is exactly what P+L Innovations GmbH has accomplished. In this interview, the company’s managing director, Dr. Christine Pflaumbaum, tells us what makes trivida® so unique, explains the benefits of a detachable wheelchair wheel and gives us insights into the development process.
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Photo: Mano Grande sits with his laptop on his legs on a white bench; Copyright: Private


Mano Grande – That's how he rolls


Whether disability, hair colour or clothing style – for Mano Grande, such characteristics are just ballast that leads to people being pigeonholed. With his podcast, the 40-year-old wants to contribute to seeing people as the individuals they really are. What he thinks about the German content creators Rezo and Julien Bam and how he rolls otherwise, he tells us on
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On the path to an inclusive labour market


Under the motto "Self-determined Living" REHACARE 2023 from 13 to 16 September 2023 will be all about "Inclusion and Digitalisation". The event will provide this unique community – comprising persons with disabilities, their families, carers and enterprises – with an international platform to network intensively with experts and like-minded people, make new contacts.
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Under the motto "Self-determined Living" REHACARE 2023 from 13 to 16 September 2023 will be all about "Inclusion and Digitalisation". The event will provide this unique community – comprising persons with disabilities, their families, carers and enterprises – with an international platform to network intensively with experts and like-minded people, make new contacts.
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Photo: Mischa Gohlke plays the e-guitar on stage; Copyright: Stephan Olbrich

Stephan Olbrich

Music and hearing impairment: "Music is an universal language that doesn’t need words"


Music breaks down boundaries – that’s something the Association "Grenzen sind relativ e.V. - Kultur, Gesellschaft und Inklusion" clearly shows. Initiator and project manager Mischa Gohlke is a professional musician, who has been hearing impaired and nearly deaf since birth. He wants our society to get excited about a holistic approach to inclusion with the help of music.
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Photo: Stefanie Trzecinski; Copyright: Johannes Franke

Johannes Franke

"At the TUECHTIG coworking space, people with and without disabilities are working together – and not just next to each other"


Maximum flexibility to encourage ideas, effectively sharing office space: coworking spaces have become a part of many major cities. In 2017, Berlin featured about one hundred of them, but none of them were comprehensively accessible. That’s something Stefanie Trzecinski from KOPF, HAND + FUSS gGmbH wanted to change. That was the moment, the idea for "TUECHTIG – Raum für Inklusion" was born.
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Photo: Cheering soccer fans at the stadium; Copyright:

Blind soccer fans are on the ball for 90 minutes thanks to match reporting


For nearly 20 years, the "Fanclub Sehhunde; Fußball-Fanclub für Blinde und Sehbehinderte e.V." promotes match reporting for the blind to ensure that its members fully experience a stadium visit. spoke with deputy chairperson Nina Schweppe about the match reporting for the blind and the obstacles that still need to be overcome before full inclusion in stadiums becomes a reality.
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Photo: An avenue from above. On the gravel between the trees you can see someone driving along with the BRO; Copyright: Scewo AG

Scewo AG

Getting the finished product to the customers: partnering up with medical supply stores


The medical supply store is your first point of contact if you need a (new) assistive device: It has a vast selection of mobility supports, practical aids for everyday activities, sports and leisure equipment. But how do these items get to the medical supply store? And how can a startup find commercial partners and establish its products effectively?
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Photo: Martina Gollner (left) and Christina Rieder, the founders of FullAccess; Copyright: FullAccess


"At FullAccess, the 'Accessibility All Areas' slogan says it all"


Two music enthusiasts were fed up with the lack of leisure activity choices and programs for people with disabilities. That’s why Christina Riedler and Martina Gollner decided to set up their own business with FullAccess and try to make concert promoters aware of people with disabilities as prospective customers and thus contribute to making society more tolerant.
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Photo: View from above of various converted vehicles during REHACARE 2016; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann

Conversions, financing options, vacation rental – the different facets of automobility


As long as autonomous vehicles are not legally allowed to be on public roads, we have to take matters into our own hands and get behind the wheel. Persons with reduced mobility are especially interested in financing options and car adaptations. When vacation time comes, even people who don’t own a car, sometimes wished they had their own (temporary) set of wheels.
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Photo: A wheelchair user with her dog in nature; Copyright: Lukas Kapfer |

Growing old in the country – Challenges and opportunities


The German healthcare system faces one big challenge - demographic change. While there are more and more community housing projects in cities aimed at making neighborhoods more accessible, sparsely populated areas in Germany are confronted with major infrastructural problems. This also affects the typically older residents in these regions.
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Photo: Two doctors standing in front of a virtual screen depicting human organs; Copyright:

Digitization and the new opportunities it brings to the healthcare sector


Is it already too late for the digitization of healthcare? How does Germany compare to other countries in this setting? What opportunities and threats does big data involve? And why could uniform digital patient care lead to unimagined success, especially when it comes to the rehabilitation sector?
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Photo: A shop owner who allows a wheelchair user access to his shop by means of a mobile ramp; Copyright: Jörg Farys | AG Urban

Accessible retail: Status quo and industry trends


How will we be shopping in the future? How will our buying behavior change? These are questions that companies must already ponder today. takes a closer look at the retail industry, ponders the possible future and highlights projects that already focus on enabling participation in retail consumption.
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Photo: A bunch of service dogs around a wheelchair; Copyright: WZ Hundezentrum

WZ Hundezentrum

Service dogs: priceless four-legged helpers

29.06.2021 spoke with two dog training centers and learned how much people with disabilities benefit from a canine companion in everyday life and discovered the type of training assistance dogs complete before they are matched with a person.
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Photo: Cars in a traffic jam; Copyright:

Autonomous driving – Mobility for everyone or wasted potential?


We have navigation devices that talk to us, automatic lane keeping assist systems, adaptive cruise control, and cars that can park without our help. How long until we might simply be a passenger in our own car? And what options in terms of mobility does autonomous driving offer people with disabilities?
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Photo: The deaf sign language interpreter Liona Paulus; Copyright: Katharina Dubno

Brazilian sign language – Libras: How necessity created a socially visible form of sign language


When we think of Brazil in these parts, we visualize Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, the Copacabana and Sugarloaf Mountain. Yet when it comes to inclusion or – more specifically – the role of sign language in everyday life, Brazil is likely not the country that first comes to mind. Liona Paulus, a PhD candidate at the University of Göttingen and deaf sign language interpreter believes that’s not fair.
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Photo: Woman with speech bubble in a retro pop-art style; Copyright:

Augmentative and Alternative Communication: The right enhancement to the way we communicate


We all communicate everywhere and at (almost) any time. But this makes participation difficult for people who have other ways to communicate than most of us. Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) helps people who are unable to use normal spoken language to interact with their environment.
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Photo: The Canute 360 Braille eReader in use; Copyright: Bristol Braille Technology

Bristol Braille Technology

Two innovative ideas expected to breathe new life into Braille


Braille was invented nearly 195 years ago. The system has helped people to effectively participate at home and in society and acquire higher education ever since. It remains a reliable system that facilitates inclusion today. However, when it comes to Braille reader advancements, current technology is not nearly as up to date. Two projects plan to change that.
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Photo: Hands on a braille display at a laptop; Copyright: Michel Arriens |

Michel Arriens |

Creating an accessible workplace: inclusive software for people with and without disabilities


Optimized technical workflows that efficiently accommodate blind, visually impaired and sighted people – the inclusive software by Dräger & Lienert GbR makes it reality. In this interview, Hansjörg Lienert explains how a small company in Marburg has managed to succeed in international markets and reveals why entrepreneurs sometimes have to take risks to thrive.
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Photo: Eva Mistry speaks with a patient.; Copyright: Photo/Andrew Higley/UC Marketing + Brand

Photo/Andrew Higley/UC Marketing + Brand

Stroke treatment for people with disabilities


When conducting clinical research, investigators aim to control as many variables as possible so it is easier to examine the effectiveness of new treatments. However, this sometimes means strict requirements lead to only a narrow population of patients being eligible to be enrolled in a trial.
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