"The OpenEarConcept© adapts acoustic signals to the unique features of hearing aid technology"

We asked ... Frank von Häfen, OpenEarConcept©


Photo: The OpenEarConcept team; Copyright: Lothar Jack

Frank von Häfen (right) and the team: Dr. Roland Jacob (left), doctor for ENT medicine, and Ingrid Eikmeier-Stindt, teacher for deaf people.

Photo: Kathy Kelly on stage at the "lyrical Christmas concert"; Copyright: Lothar Jack

The OpenEarConcept© 2016 together with singer Kathy Kelly and cabaret artist Konrad Beikircher was used at the "lyrical Christmas concert" in the Rhein-Mosel hall in Koblenz/Germany.

Photo: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: private
Photo: Hand holding microphone; Copyright: