Timo Ameruoso - That's how he rolls

Timo Ameruoso wants to leave his mark. He would like to change something in our society – if necessary also with the help of some special tickets. Whether his role models Muhammad Ali und Bruce Lee have to do something with it or not, and why his coma many years ago made him want to travel to the USA, he tells us on


Photo: Timo Ameruoso with his horse Paolo; Copyright: private

Timo Ameruoso; © private

Photo: Timo Ameruoso sits in his wheelchair ready to sit on the horse which is laying down for him; Copyright: private

First a car accident, later a riding accident - but Timo Ameruosos love for horses and riding could not be broken through this. Today he rides again and teaches other people to better understand their horses; © private

Grafik: So tickt; Copyright: beta-web/Schmitz

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