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Overview: Top topics of REHACARE 2019

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Photo: at REHACARE 2019; Copyright: beta-web

Reboocon Bionics: powered and lightweight prostheses for an active support


The company Reboocon Bionics has made it their goal to develop lighter and more powerful prostheses. At REHACARE 2019 the company, which is based in the Netherlands, gave us a first taste of what is to come, as their portfolio is still only available on the Chinese market. However, a launch in Europe is planned for 2020.
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Photo: Ron Hattenhorst demonstrating remote interpreting at REHACARE 2019; Copyright: beta-web

Telecommunications services for people with hearing impairments


Email has revolutionized the way we communicate. But sometimes urgent situations or issues need a one-on-one conversation via phone call. The latter can be a challenge for people who are hearing impaired or deaf. With many years of experience in remote interpreting, two service providers – TeleSign Deutschland and Tess-Sign & Script-Dienste – meet these language support needs.
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Photo: Nico De Wilde at the ribcap booth at REHACARE 2019; Copyright: beta-web

Ribcap: Protective headgear made fashionable


Having to wear a protective headgear because of preventing falls doesn't look very fashionable. But there's a way to express your own style and still being safe: The Ribcaps by Glomarket bvba were designed just for that.
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Photo: The De BeleefTV at REHACARE 2019. On the screen you can see a sleeping baby cat; Copyright: beta-web

De BeleefTV: How an interactive table creates joy for those with dementia


In Germany, nearly 2 million people are living with dementia. Many caregivers are confronted with helping patients and family members once they are affected. In the Netherlands, developers took an interactive approach and teamed up with a nursing home: The result was De BeleefTV, a touchscreen table designed to help people with dementia to connect with their environment.
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