Image: a blind female athlete and her sighted colleague; Copyright:Jörg Farys, Die Projektoren |

Improving sleep in visually impaired athletes


Sleep is very important for athletes, and sleep loss can affect physical performance and cognitive ability. But now, researchers from the University of Tsukuba have identified the prevalence of sleep disorders in visually impaired athletes, as well as specific risk factors associated with lower sleep quality.
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Photo: an artificial head wearing bloodmeasuring earrings, next to the head the earrings are shown in detail; Copyright: University of Huddersfield

Glucose earring could revolutionise how patients manage type 1 diabetes


A product design graduate from the University of Huddersfield has defeated thousands of entries from around the world to become one of the finalists of the 2020 Global Grad Show with their design for a discrete earring that monitors blood sugar levels and delivers feedback in real-time.
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Photo: a woman and a man wearing a face-shield face each other at a counter; Copyright: Veigel GmbH & Co. KG

The promise of mobility – even during the coronavirus pandemic


We learn to live without certain things during a global pandemic. Yet some things are fundamental, even if it might not seem like it at first – enter a person’s mobility. People with disabilities have difficulties ensuring their freedom of movement even without an ongoing pandemic. Companies that specialize in vehicle conversions can offer solutions. Some of them sum up this unprecedented year.
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Photo: At the reception of a hotel, employees work behind plexiglass, guests stand at a distance in the foyer; Copyright: FDS Hotel gGmbH

Accessible travel: How the industry has survived its first summer of COVID-19


The Coronavirus pandemic has hit the hospitality industry especially hard - including hotels that are accessible and cater to people with disabilities. After they have survived the first summer of the pandemic, hotel managers can now look back and draw early conclusions: How did they fare this year, and what are their hopes for the coming year?
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Photo: David Behre, Hans-Peter Durst and Christiane Reppe; Copyright: David Behre | Oliver Kremer | Jan Siewert

Parasports in the time of Coronavirus – a case of postponed plans, mental fitness, and a forced slow-down


Firsts, last times, first and maybe last times or once-in-a-lifetime moments – the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo could have been all of these things and more for German athletes. David Behre, Christiane Reppe and Hans-Peter Durst spoke to about their original plans and preparations for the Paralympics and explain how they cope with the current situation.
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