Corporate social responsibility: diversity is an asset


Photo: A person stands on a hill and stretches a flashlight into the night sky. From his position, a city can be seen in the background; Copyright: opta data

Getting there faster and more flexibly. With the start-up initiative, opta data wants to drive forward the digitization of healthcare. In the end, everyone benefits.

It takes 500 to close the disability inclusion gap

Photo: Jana Drechsler; Copyright: opta data Group

Dr. Jana Drechsler oversees the opta data Group's start-up initiative. The program is intended to be long-term and permanent. The initiative currently focuses on everything to do with digital health.

Fast track digitization – for the common good

Photo: A blue and white van with wheelchair ramp, behind it is a blue wheelchair; Copyright: AMF-Bruns u. Co KG

AMF-Bruns has already made a name for itself as a car conversion specialist. But the mobility expert is also active in terms of social commitment with the AMF-Bruns Foundation.

Social responsibility promotes mobility

Photo: Anne Hofmann; Copyright: private

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