Image: Passenger Lasse stands in front of an airplane with his mother and pilot Andreas Funke; Copyright: Funke Medical GmbH

Funke Medical GmbH

Managing Director of Funke Medical supports charity flights as a pilot


Andreas Funke, Managing Director of Funke Medical GmbH and volunteer pilot in the non-profit network “Flying Hope e. V. “, ensured a child’s quick and safe journey home after an operation with his flight from Rostock to Essen-Mülheim on 14th December 2022.
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Image: Painted image of a larger and a smaller figure coming out of a house. Left: The

Funke Medical GmbH

Funke Medical donates 5,000 euros to children's home in South Africa


The company Funke Medical GmbH donated 5,000 euros to the sponsoring group of the Rotary Club Dorsten for the financial support of a children's home in South Africa. The company's social commitment was also demonstrated by the fact that Funke Medical GmbH was a finalist in the "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes".
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Photo: A female wheelchair user stands on a terrace and smiles sideways at the camera. You can see a green meadow in the background; Copyright: davidpereiras


Auxiliary means industry: sustainable production, work and life


The term "sustainability" has been on everyone's lips for some years now. Supermarkets advertise sustainable products, exchange platforms emphasize the sustainability of second-hand clothing, and disposable diapers are frowned upon by many young parents because of the mountains of trash they generate. But what is the actual situation in the medical and auxiliary means industry?
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Photo: a dark-skinned person sits with a bonsai on a sofa, the face is not visible; Copyright: envato/twenty20photos


A new generation and sustainability


Sustainability is not a luxury that companies can take up for the sake of a better image. It is necessary to implement sustainable goals quickly in order to put a stop to climate change. But what can be done in the assistive technology industry, which often relies on plastic and disposable products? And are start-ups ahead of established companies here? Read more in the Topic of the Month.
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Photo: male wheelchair user taking a picture of an elderly couple in front of the Frankfurt am Main skyline; Copyright: Visit Frankfurt, Andi Weiland |

Visit Frankfurt, Andi Weiland |

Making society more inclusive: with social commitment to greater participation


Inclusion and participation – keywords that can evoke very different emotions. The fact is that much more needs to be done for an inclusive society. But there is no one right way. Because participation must be implemented in many different areas. Companies also play an important role in this context – and are already taking decisive steps in the right direction.
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Photo: a woman with light grey hair, glasses and a green t-shirt is sinnting in a wheelchair in front of a building, on her legs she carries a ramp made of tiny bricks; Copyright: Lego-Oma-Team


Rita Ebel – That's how she rolls


Rita Ebel has become known as the "Lego granny": Since accessibility is still a scarce commodity, she designs ramps made of interlocking plastic bricks. Boxes of the colourful bricks are stored in her house and are transformed into ramps with creative patterns. Why she herself is dependent on accessibility, why she never loses her smile and how she otherwise rolls, she tells us on
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