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Helping teens with type 1 diabetes improve diabetes control with MyDiaText


Adolescence is a difficult period of development, made more complex for those with Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM). The challenges of managing multiple doses of daily insulin administration, blood glucose monitoring, dietary and exercise requirements, can make self-care difficult and complicate outcomes.
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Image: Four children with skiing gear are standing in a snowy forest; Copyright: FIS and World Para Snow Sports

FIS and World Para Snow Sports to cooperate on "Bring Children to the Snow"


Campaign aimed at introducing snow sports to new generations to create more opportunities for persons with disabilities.
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Dementia education: an age-friendly future starts with our kids


School-based dementia education could deliver much needed empathy and understanding for older generations as new research from the University of South Australia shows it can significantly improve dementia knowledge and awareness among younger generations.
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Raising the bar on disability care


Encouraging paid workers to employ the 'right kind' of respectful personal relationship with young people with disability will lift standards in the sector, experts say.
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Image: A young woman with a CGM sensor on her arm and a smartphone in her hand; Copyright: PantherMedia/Romaset

Youth more likely to stick with CGM if they are part of decision to start


Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) tracks glucose levels of people with type I or type II diabetes through a device that monitors levels throughout the day. These devices improve control of blood sugar levels by alerting patients when their levels go too high or low, but patients need to use the technology consistently to derive a benefit.
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