Getting fit is child’s play: Gamification in rehabilitation and physiotherapy


Image: Guided by a physiotherapist, a child trains with a game on the Phibox in front of a TV; Copyright: PHIBOX

Modern technology meets classic physiotherapy: with the Phibox, the PhiLabs team has developed a device that brings fun to clinics and to the home.

Turning physiotherapy into a playful game

Image: An elderly person exercises their arm with a game on the H-MAN from Articares; Copyright: Articares

Whether young or old, rehab equipment like Articares' H-MAN allows exercises to be customized for each person.

Staying positive during rehabilitation improves mental and physical health

Image: Guided by a therapist, a person completes exercises on the CyngiSENSE Motion from Roceso Medical; Copyright: Roceso Technologies Private Limited

CyngiSENSE Motion by Roceso Medical also shows: Various play elements can facilitate the process of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.