Rehabilitation during the Coronavirus outbreak: Clinical facilities stay flexible


Photo: Young person during arm training in a rehabilitation clinic; Copyright: VAMED Klinik Hattingen

Rehabilitation for children and adolescents lives above all from personal interaction - for example in a rehabilitation clinic. The corona pandemic therefore brings with it many new challenges for the industry.

Coronavirus pandemic affects rehabilitation facilities

Photo: Alwin Baumann; Copyright: BKJR

"With the reopening of the clinics, the aim is to inform the public and experts about it, as well as a marketing offensive to draw attention to the possibilities of child and youth rehabilitation," says Alwin Baumann from the German Alliance for Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation.

Confronting the Coronavirus crisis with digital services

Photo: Boy during playful rehabilitation at a computer; Copyright: VKKD/Frank Elschner

Motivating and crisis-proof – gamification is one of the trends in rehabilitation today.

Photo: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: private