Development, testing, improvements: making automobility more inclusive and safer


Photo: a banner reading New Mobility Campus hangs next to an asphalted roadway; buildings can still be seen in the background; Copyright: PARAVAN GmbH

One campus – lots of possibilities. If PARAVAN founder and managing director Roland Arnold has his way, the site in Hohentengen will be a breeding ground for many new, innovative ideas on the subject of automobility.

Photo: a small, red shuttle bus standing in front of a large green hall; Copyright: PARAVAN GmbH

The so-called "Busbee" is HFM's (Hanseatische Fahrzeug Manufaktur) answer to urban passenger transport. The People Mover is currently already driving autonomously around the campus.

Bringing an idea to life and shaping the future of mobility

Photo: A white car with a dented bonnet after a crash test, various individual parts lying in the foreground; Copyright: PantherMedia/chagpg

AMF-Bruns does not produce quite so much scrap at the Apen test centre. The individual safety systems and components are not tested installed in a vehicle as in the photo, but on a sledge that is accelerated and braked.

Safety is everything

Convenience and safety enclosed within one compact platform

Photo: Anne Hofmann; Copyright: private