Quo vadis, digitalization in rehabilitation and physiotherapy?


Photo: Nurse kneels with tablet in hand next to a seated patient; Copyright: DigiRehab GmbH

Skilled professionals help patients learn about new technologies and facilitate a smooth transition into independent training.

Image: Screenshot of a training plan from the Digicare software; Copyright: DigiRehab GmbH

This is what a training plan at DigiCare might look like. In addition to a description of the exercises, there are instruction videos and further information on execution.

Caregivers likewise benefit from digitalization

Photo: A therapist accompanies a patient using the EsoGLOVE Pro from Roceso Medical; Copyright: Roceso Technologies Private Limited

Helpers such as the EsoGLOVE Pro from Roceso Medical can relieve caregivers of both time and physical strain.

What does the future hold?

Photo: Elderly person in wheelchair looking at their smartphone; Copyright: DC_Studio

More and more smartphone apps are officially approved as medical devices and enable mobile training.