Light weight, beautifully styled and ergonomic – wheelchair design continues to evolve


Photo: A very fashionably-elegantly dressed wheelchair user at a harbor, with a Ferris wheel and boats behind her; Copyright: Pandhora S.r.l.

La dolce vita is an Italian attitude to life and you can see that in Pandhora's products. The start-up wants to shake up the assistive devices market with innovative ideas and a typically Italian flair for design.

The perfect comfort level in any setting

Photo: An elderly lady pushes her husband, who is in a wheelchair, over a cobblestone section in a city; Copyright: Stronback Mobility AG

What the ergonomic office chair is, is now also available for wheelchair users. Strongback Mobility prevents poor posture with its lightweight wheelchairs and, incidentally, also ensures contemporary design.

Innovative ideas and Italian design

Material selection and functionality trends

Photo: A young woman leans backwards with her wheelchair against a spray-painted wall; Copyright: MEYRA GmbH

More independence for the users: This is also the main focus at MEYRA. For example, with the anti-tipper or the support roller on the active wheelchair, which can be operated without assistance using a specially developed mechanism.

Users assist product development to create the right aids

Photo: Anne Hofmann; Copyright: private