FUSE R: Active wheelchair with rigid frame by MEYRA® and Rainer Küschall

Tim Plaß, product manager for active and sports wheelchairs at MEYRA®


Image: a young man wearing a jacket and beanie sits in a FUSE R active wheelchair. In the background you can see snowy mountains of Switzerland; Copyright: MEYRA GmbH.

The FUSE R is one step closer to the perfect wheelchair.

Image: a young man sits in the FUSE R and leans against a wall with the front wheels in the air; Copyright: MEYRA GmbH

The FUSE R combines design and quality.

Image: In the middle, the FUSE R stands on a pedestal. Two men with FUSE R T-shirts are standing to the right of it, two to the left, one is sitting in a wheelchair on the left; Copyright: MEYRA GmbH

The FUSE R combines the best active wheelchair features and developments in recent years by MEYRA and Rainer Küschall.