Everyday life in the medical supply store: working on, with and for people


Photo: An orthopaedic technician holds a plaster leg from the workshop in his hands; Copyright: PantherMedia / moodboard (YAYMicro)

The plaster workshop is not yet completely obsolete. Because despite all the technology and digitalization, orthopedic technicians are still a manual profession. Most of the work involves individually adapting the aids to the user.

There is no one-size-fits-all assistive technology

Photo: a man holding a leg prothesis – Felix Raab; Copyright: Sanitätshaus Raab GmbH u. Co. KG

Felix Raab is a orthopaedic technician at Sanitätshaus Raab and wants to provide all customers with the best possible aids.

Economic feasibility: There are limits to using the latest technology

A YouTube channel provides easy-to-understand answers that add value

Image: a boy sitting on a treatment couch holding an orthesis; Copyright: Mecuris GmbH

The little customers are also provided with everything they need in the medical supply store.

Multifaceted, exciting, and communicative - no two days are the same

Photo: Anne Hofmann; Copyright: private